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Music Videos That Don't Exist, But Should - Nonsense & Nonesuch
Amarin Rose's Flights Of Fantasy
Music Videos That Don't Exist, But Should
Does what it says on the tin. :P

DC Comics

1. Toon!Tim-centric vid to TATU's 'Clowns (All Around Me)'. Yeah, I'm going there: Revenge of the Joker! The song would work especially well if you could get clips (or comic panels) that seem to show a bit of right after Tim was 'rescued' and how the Joker followed him until the events of the movie.

2. Comics!Tim-centric vid to Dashboard Confessional's 'Perfect'. Tim, right after his father found out he was Robin, and then moving on to when he was murdered. It's (pardon the pun) a 'perfect' fit!

Star Trek: 2009

1. One of those trailer smushes where you take the sound/music of one movie's trailer and put it over the other movie's (generally with a few clips exchanged here and there to make it work). My thoughts? Star Trek's film with Mortal Kombat's sound. 'A handful of people on a leaky boat are gonna save the world?' 'Exactly.' Wouldn't Spock Prime make a fantastic Rayden?

Unfortunately I can't find an online version of the specific trailer I'm thinking of; I have uploaded the 'song' here.

2. Jim-centric vid to 'I'm Still Here' by the Goo Goo Dolls from Treasure Planet. It's subtitled 'Jim's Song', even! And it's a song about a boy (named Jim!) trying to live up to his father.


Okay, I know there are two vids to Supasister's 'Coffee', but, uh, I don't think either of them are very good. *cough* They mostly just look like random clips, which makes sense, since they are several years old, which means the vid-makers were probably only using the first season and maybe part of the second. But the song just screams Ianto (and his fiesty relationship with Jack), so I don't think there can be too many different versions of this!

I'm willing to supply the music for any and all of these, if any vid-makers reading this are feeling like giving me a prezzie!

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hockeyiris From: hockeyiris Date: July 8th, 2010 01:37 pm (UTC) (Link)
I love you solely for mentioning I'm Still Here. Maybe because I'm massively freakin' addicted to GGD. Or maybe because that would be so damn perfect. Maybe both.

Still giggling about ST with MK's theme.

Somewhat disturbed at the Toon!Tim idea. I really hate clowns. (Not as much as he does!)
amarin_rose From: amarin_rose Date: July 9th, 2010 04:53 am (UTC) (Link)
I didn't say it wouldn't be disturbing, I said it was a perfect fit. It *would* be disturbing - that's *why* it's perfect! And don't giggle over the ST/MK mashup - it's not nearly as giggleworthy as the Sailor Moon video I have set to the same song! (Works, though)
hockeyiris From: hockeyiris Date: July 9th, 2010 04:56 am (UTC) (Link)
Yes, true. That movie is all sorts of jacked up.

No, I still totally have to giggle. And giggle more at the thought of the Sailor Moon mashup. Must even use an SM icon just for that.
3 comments or Leave a comment