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Nonsense & Nonesuch

Amarin Rose's Flights Of Fantasy

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Amarin Rose
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I finally caved in and got this account so that I could find fanfic on lj easier. This journal is mainly for posting my DCU Comics fics, but there will be the occasional meme, plus recs, icons, and music.

Here are links to my various fanfic accounts:

AdultFanFiction.Net Where you'll find all my R and NC-17 rated fics.
DuoxHeero.Com Where you'll find all my Gundam Wing slash fics (mainly 1x2x1 and 2x1x2) and my slash fics from other miscellaneous anime fandoms.
FanFiction.Net Where you'll find all my G-R rated fics.
JLA Unlimited Where you'll find all my Justice League fics, and the DC Comics fics that fit into the other categories there. Mainly Smallville and animated series fics.
Roy Toys Where you'll find all my fics featuring Roy Harper.
Tales Of Justice Where you'll find all my DC Comics fics.
Twisting The Hellmouth Where you'll find all my Buffy/Angel crossovers, and most of my Buffy/Angel fics.
The Wonderful World Of Make Believe Where you'll find all of my fics, period. As soon as I get around to HTMLing them.
Wormhole Crossing Where you'll find all of my Stargate SG-1 crossover fics.

DISCLAIMER: Any and all fiction in this journal is written based on characters belonging to other people, and I do no make any money from this. These characters are all protrayed by adults over the age of eighteen. Any failure in the part of the reader to properly adjust his or her mental image to account for this fact is not the responsibility of the author.

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